Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 Common Roadblocks to Conception

by Stephanie Berman

Fertility issues plague many families and they leave couples on a lifelong search for answers. In many cases, infertility is not caused by a medical issue. Instead, it is due to a behavior or a product that is used that can stand in the way of getting pregnant. When that is the case, simple changes can be made in order to improve the chances for conception. Every couple needs to look at the roadblocks for conception and see if there are any obstacles standing in their way.

Lubrication is one roadblock to conception that is incredibly common. Many couples use lubrication during intercourse, and instead of doing their research, they simply pick one of the popular lubricants on the market and use it. What they do not realize is many of the popular lubricants decrease sperm motility. When sperm motility is decreased, the chance of getting pregnant is also decreased. In many cases, people use lubrication they think is safe because it does not have a spermicide in it. However, studies have shown that simply avoiding spermicides is not enough.

Sandra Fryhofer, M.D., the Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, stated, "Even if your lubricant doesn't contain a spermicide, it may contain other ingredients that can be toxic to sperm." Fryhofer went on to say many popular lubricants interfere with sperm motility, but there are lubricants on the market that are fertility friendly and do not interfere with motility. It is important for couples to use such lubricants so sperm motility will not be affected.

Another common roadblock to conception is weight. Women who are overweight or underweight can have trouble conceiving, and in many cases the fertility issues are not resolved until the woman gets near an ideal weight. In order to have a natural hormone balance, one must be close to their ideal weight. Weight alters the production of hormones, which in turn makes it much more difficult to get pregnant.

Keep in mind, a few extra pounds is not going to keep most women from conceiving. However, when extra weight starts to add up, there can be a problem. In addition, when a woman is drastically underweight, she can have a problem. In both cases, the menstrual cycle can be affected, as well as the overall health and hormonal balance of the woman. That is why it is suggested women start to get in shape before they try to have children. This will make it easier to conceive and it will also make the pregnancy easier.

Alcohol is another common roadblock to conception. In regards to alcohol, it can affect both the man and the woman. For men, chronic alcohol abuse can cause impotency and lack of interest in sex. In most cases, if men have sexual related problems that are caused by alcohol, it will be very obvious. However, for women, the problems are not always as obvious.

Women face a variety of alcohol related problems. According to a study published in the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism titled "Alcohol's Effects on Reproductive Function," alcohol has many adverse affects on the reproductive system of women. Alcohol can cause irregular menstrual cycles, absence of ovulation, and total infertility. It is important to note even women who only drink a small amount of alcohol can experience some of the problems.

Each woman is different, and each woman is affected by alcohol differently. Some women can drink small amounts of alcohol without any serious effects, while others simply cannot tolerate alcohol. In most cases, though, heavy alcohol consumption will have an adverse effect on the female reproductive system.

In many cases, fertility issues can be solved by simply changing certain products and behaviors. Lubrication, weight and alcohol consumption should all be examined if a couple is having difficulty conceiving. In many cases, simple changes lead to conception.

About the Author

Stephanie Berman is the product manager for Sepal Reproductive Devices. Sepal provides fertility solutions for women, including ConceivEase, a fertility friendly lubricant. For more information on Sepal or ConceivEase, visit them online at http://www.conceivease.com.

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