Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Pregnant - How Long Will it Take?

by Tehmina Mazher

Have you decided to get pregnant? Do you have any idea how long will it take? Whatever your answer is, it is probably based on what you know from your families, friends or any information you may have gained from books, television or internet. Therefore, to some extent, problems of 'infertility' are self-defined by our expectations.

Some couples have to wait 15 years for getting pregnant, while other couples are surprised if a baby is not conceived within the first month of trying. Most specialist medical services have defined fertility problems but a simple definition will not work for every couple. For getting pregnant a number of factors are involved.

Age: Clearly, your age will affect your view of the situation. If you are in 40's, you will be aware of your declining fertility. If you are determined to have a baby, then you will investigate whether there is a problem as your chances of getting pregnant are decreasing. If you are in 20's and leading a very full life, you may be quite willing to wait for a few more years before you decide that there is a problem.

Readiness To Have A Family: However, whatever your age is , if you are absolutely set on having a baby, then you may see every period that arrives as an unexplainable failure. Many women expect to get pregnant from the first month of trying. Often in a couple one partner is more uncertain about parenthood and therefore may take much longer to be willing to identify a problem.

Gynaecological history: Other factors may also affect your view of your potential fertility. If you have a history of any gynaecological problems, a previous sexually transmitted disease, a previous termination of pregnancy or a previous miscarriage or stillbirth, any of these factors may increase your sense of anxiety if conception does not occur immediately. For most women these anxieties are unjustified and may be the result of guilt about some of these past experiences. However, it may be that you need to discuss your particular situation with your doctor to sort out the fact from the fear. Clearly, a number of highly individual factors will contribute to you viewing yourself as having a problem and it is always worth discussing these feelings with someone you trust. A visit to the doctor might be appropriate for you but it does also represent the first step in identifying a 'problem', which can increase your anxiety about the situation. Everyone's expectations are different.

As you go through Getting Pregnant. and choose various options that are available to you, you'll learn more about what could be causing you and your partner a delay in getting pregnant and find a solution to finally fix it so that you can start knitting baby booties sooner.

About the Author

I am a gynecologist by profession, married and have a cute little daughter.My passion in life is to help diabetics, acne sufferers and pregnant womens.

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