Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Guide to Getting Pregnant

by Cathy Campbell

Well, you've finally decided - yes you are going to have a baby - you are getting pregnant- right now! You stop using contraceptives and go for it with great enthusiasm!! You plan the season the baby will arrive in, choose names, start looking at all the cute little outfits and even decorate the nursery. Then … one month goes by, two months go by, three, six and even a year! Just because you have decided you want a baby does not mean that Mother Nature is always going to cooperate. And just because you have successfully managed to produce one child does not mean that you are going to easily create a second or third. That is what happened to me - I fell pregnant without even trying the first time! Then when my daughter was a couple of years old I "decided" I would have another baby….. one year later (!!!) after one early miscarriage and eventually using a ovulation predictor (I was actually ovulating towards the end of my cycle - not in the middle like everyone says you do) I fell pregnant and successfully produced a second daughter.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of not being able to get pregnant when you want to - all you see are mothers with babies, or big fat pregnant bellies while yours remains stubbornly empty. You wander aimlessly around the baby departments touching all the little outfits while you wonder why - why can't you get pregnant like everybody else.

There are things you can do to help the process. It may be as easy, as in my case as using an ovulation predictor and working out exactly when you are ovulating. Everybody's body is different - just because you are meant to ovulate in the middle of your cycle does not mean you actually do and the window of opportunity for conception to take place each month is very small! Is there anything else you can do to aid the process of conception??

10 ways to help you get pregnant:

1. Eat healthily - this - like a lot of this advice applies to you and your partner. The healthier you eat the more likely your body will have the correct nutrients to aid the fertilization of your egg.

2. Give up smoking - again this applies to both of you (if possible). Smoking affects the fertility of men and women, if you are having trouble conceiving - give it up!

3. Give up alcohol - same as smoking - this affects your fertility - you don't have to give up forever(!) just wait til after the baby has arrived (and finished breast feeding!!)

4. Try and maintain a healthy weight - being over weight or under weight can cause difficulties in conceiving a child.

5. Take a preconception vitamin & mineral supplement. These are available for men and women and include folic acid (for women) an essential ingredient to aid the development of a healthy fetus.

6. Calculate the exact time of ovulation. This can be done using charts or by using a proprietary ovulation predictor kit. Finding out when you ovulate is so important - all of your efforts may be being wasted if you are not timing things correctly.

7. This might be a hard one, but - try to RELAX - both of you! Trying to get pregnant, especially the longer it goes on can become very stressful. Try yoga or relaxation tapes to try and chill out - who hasn't heard of couples who are "unable" to have their own child, go ahead and adopt one and then when the pressure is off conceive naturally!

8. Cut down on caffeine (yeah - no smoking, no drinking and now no coffee!! But its all worth it in the end!!) Caffeine inhibits your absorption of iron one of the essentials for conception and healthy child producing.

9. Avoid using any sort of douche, vaginal spray or artificial lubricant. Many of these products dry up the cervical mucus and some can even kill off the sperm.

10. And here's for the guys if male infertility is a problem. Boxers rather than briefs stops the testicles from over heating which makes for healthier sperm. And no saunas or hot baths - you need to keep those swimmers cool!

About the Author

I know what it is like to not be able to get pregnant. Luckily for me I eventually gave birth to two delightful daughters - I would like to help anyone else out there who is having problems conceiving by gathering together information you may find helpful.

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